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A Novel by L.E. Sterling — World Rights Available

Pluto's Gate

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Pluto's Gate

In present day Montreal, a young woman by the name of Percy vanishes from the streets. The woman’s parents – her father, a famous musician, and her mother, a witch – are frantic. Soon after the woman’s disappearance strange phenomena sweep the globe: snow and ice fall out of season in record amounts, blanketing whole countries. World-wide crop failures are announced; droughts become widespread, and then the worst happens: daylight fails to appear.... What follows is the epic tale of Percy’s voyage through the Underworld, whose rules of existence are as unfathomable as the mysterious red flowers that suddenly blanket its fields. As daylight touches the dark realm, Percy unwittingly becomes the permanent guest of the Underworld’s charismatic lord Pluto. And when her best friend Simon, a descendent of a long line of shamans, descends in an effort to save her, the three embark on a life and death race to figure out what–or who–has upset the balance between the two worlds…before it’s too late.... Wonder-filled, imaginative, and compelling, L.E. Sterling’s second novel immerses readers in a magical world where existence itself is ordered by the tenuous balance between light and dark, and the story-filled pages of one remarkable book.

Critical Comment

“As far as retellings of ancient myths go, L.E. Sterling’s urban fantasy novel … is an especially imaginative one… told in lucid yet dream-like detail…. Sterling has woven a tale of admirable complexity.”   

— Montreal Review of Books Summer 2013

Author L.E. Sterling

Author Biography

L.E. Sterling earned her M.A. in Creative Writing from Concordia University and a PhD in English Literature from McGill University. Her first novel, The Originals (DC Books, 2002), was an indie hit also published in French translation (Editions Triptyque, 2005) under her original pen name, L.E. Vollick. Her poetry, short stories, and a literary essay appear in several anthologies, including Desire, Doom & Vice (2005) and Population Me: Essays on David McGimpsey (2010). More recently she co-wrote the Sci-Fi web-series, Process: A Series of Events, slated for release in 2012. When she isn’t working as a communications professional, Erin stays busy co-editing a collection of women’s non-fiction dating stories, and writing her upcoming Urban Fantasy series, The Voodoo Wars as well as a Y/A novel involving fairies and trolls.

Pluto's gate, L.E. Sterling, 200 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, Novel, April 2013.

ISBN: 978-1-897190-90-6 (paper) . . . $19.95

ISBN: 978-1-897190-91-3 ( Bound*) . . .$34.95

* This book is “perfect bound” with an add-on hand bound cover, no dust jacket.

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Pluto's Gate Kindle Edition

Also by the Author

The Originals, L.E. Vollick, 264 pp., 5 x 8, August 2002, Novel — ISBN: 978-0-919688-47-6 (paper) ... $17.95 — ISBN: 978-0-919688-49-0 (Hard Cover) ... $28.95


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