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Career Suicide: Contemporary Literary Humour ed. by Jon Paul Fiorentino

The Moosehead Anthology 9

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The Moosehead Anthology 9: Career Suicide!

Career Suicide is a collection of a new generation of funny talkers. Poems and stories which find their laughs in different quarters: in the wry, the slapstick, the satiric, and the dark. One of the characteristics of contemporary Canadian literary humour may well be its engagement with popular culture. Here the importance of DKNY, Corey Feldman, Lik M Aid, Randy Savage, John Cougar Mellancamp, the game of Clue, all question the limiting purview of what may be deemed ‘serious’. As odd, off-putting, and hilarious as that may be, the authors of Career Suicide find their laughs, as we all do, in the limitations of human experience and, one suspects, pre-mixed mai tais.

Critical Comment

“The funniest anthology of youngish, hippish Canadian writers that side of Winnipeg.”

— Filling Station, 2003

“Mark Paterson’s ‘Other People’s Showers Or: No Soap Radio’ is so good it will make you want to lock him inside so he’ll finish his first novel faster.”

— Montreal Review of Books, 2003

“Almost everything in here is worth reading in its own right, and the book doubles as a catalogue of all the currently-unfamous-but-watch-out Canadian writers of the moment.”

— Broken Pencil, 24

Editor Jon Paul Fiorentino

Jon Paul Fiorentino Editor

Editor Biography

Jon Paul Fiorentino is a poet, editor, and teacher. He is the author of two collections of poetry, Resume Drowning (Broken Jaw Press, 2002) and Transcona Fragments (Cyclops Press, 2002) which was shortlisted for the Carol Shields Book Award. His next poetic project is a book of synaptic syntax entitled Hello Serotonin (Coach House Books, 2004). His next editorial project is the anthology Post-Prairie — a collaborative effort with Robert Kroetsch. He lives in Montreal where he is an Editor for Matrix magazine.

The Moosehead Anthology IX, ed. Jon Paul Fiorentino, 152 pp., 5 2 x 8 2, Anthology, July 2003

ISBN: 978-0-919688-69-8 (paper). . .$15.95

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