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Poetry by Greg Santos

The Emperor’s Sofa

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The Emperor's Sofa

The Emperor’s Sofa is a sprawling gift of outrageous artifice, a world of Mad Magazine intensity enriched by Ashberyian ironies and McGimpseyian pleasures. Santos imagines a poetic land of deranged heroes and unmasked anti-heroic marvels – funny, poignant, and profound. Behind the façade of the Emperor’s restless opulence stands this collection’s insight; a new poetics has landed, after the wars – a copious Montreal Style of styles, where, from its royal mount, 'the view is indeed magnificent.' This marks the spot where a brilliant poet debuts – fully cognizant of the clash between the trashy new and the zany old, and of all the useless beauty in between.

— Todd Swiftt


I read and loved The Emperor's Sofa. Then I went back and read all the "Emperor" poems again. Greg Santos hit this really wonderful tone in those poems – vulnerable but strong, beautiful but heartbreaking, lonely but full of love.

— Michael Kimball, author of Us and Dear Everybody


Author Greg Santos

Greg Santos


Author Biography

Greg Santos is the author of The Emperor's Sofa (DC Books). He holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School in Manhattan. Greg is a poetry editor for carte blanche and teaches the art of verse to at-risk youth. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two children.

49th Shelf

The Emperor’s Sofa, Greg Santos, 92 pp., 5 x 8, Poetry, November, 2010

ISBN: 978-1-897190-67-8 (paper) . . . $16.95

ISBN: 978-1-897190-68-5 (Bound*) . . . $31.95

* This book is “perfect bound” with an add-on hard cover, no dust jacket.

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Also by the Author

Rabbit Punch!, Greg Santos, 120 pp., 5 x 8, April 2014, Poetry — ISBN: 978-1-927599-22-8 (paper) . . . $17.95 — ISBN: 978-1-927599-23-5 (Hard Cover) . . . $32.95

Ghost Face, Greg Santos, 83 pp, 5 x 8, September 2020, Poetry, ISBN 978-1-927599-51-8 (paper) ... $19.95

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