About DC Books

History of the Press

Related to John Sutherland’s northern review (itself springing from the merger of the magazines Preview and First Statement) through the intermediary presses Contact and Delta Canada, DC Books embodies a tradition of literary innovation, dissent against convention, and artistic facilitation that is second to none. These connections extend beyond title and purpose.

Editors & Staff

Our founding editor is Louis Dudek, deeply respected as a poet, man of letters, and literary animator, who for many years, before his death in 2001, brought his talents and experience to bear upon the editing tasks at DC Books.

Our editors presently include Jason Camlot  (poetry), Kenneth Radu (fiction), Dave Henderson (Railway and Transportation History), and Keith Henderson (Managing Editor). Our Communications Director is Giuliana Pendenza.

Additional Information

DC Books is a member of the Association of English Editors of Quebec and the Literary Press Group. DC Books is distributed by Fitzhenry & Whiteside.


DC Books does from time to time publish unsolicited manuscripts from Canadian citizens or landed immigrants only. Always query first, providing synopsis, opening chapter (or sample), brief biography including publishing history, and a plan of how you would market your book. If we’re interested, we’ll ask for more. Inquiries should be addressed to the DC Books office or e-mail address. Kindly DO NOT provide information in attachments. Due to the volume of inquiries, response may take time.