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Railway History by Donald R. McQueen

Canadian National Steam Roster Volume #7

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CNS Roster Vol. 7, Donald R. McQueen, 114 pp., 8 x 10.5, photos, History, April 2014

ISBN: 978-1-927599-07-5 (paper) . . . $34.95*

* This book is “stay flat” wire bound.




Canadian National Steam!

Roster Volume #7

The Canadian National Steam! book series provides rail enthusiasts, model railroaders, historians – plus those interested in all things mechanical and on wheels -- with a wealth of information about Canadian railway technology, and specifically about the motive power developments of Canada's largest railway system.

In 1923, the “U” class was initially assigned road numbers 6000-6999 for the 4-8-2 Mountain Types, but in May 1927 was modified, by assigning 6000-6099 to U-1 class Mountain Types. All the 4-8-2s were built new for the Canadian National Railways and its subsidiary, the Grand Trunk Western Railway.

The “U” class now comprised road numbers 6100-6999 for the 4-8-4 Northern Types. The 6100- and eventually the 6200-series numbers were assigned to U-2 classes, the GTW 6300-series to U-3. In the later 1930s, the CNR and GTW 6400s were assigned to the U-4 classes. The Northerns were all built new for the
Canadian National Railways and Grand Trunk Western Railroad.

The roster for the Central Vermont Railway Company (1898-1930) and the Central Vermont Railway, Incorporated (1930-1995) includes motive power inherited by the Grand Trunk Railway
of Canada when it took control of the CVR in 1899, initiating a renumbering of its existing locomotives in January 1900. This date was chosen as the starting point for the roster, and includes those still active when CVR was acquired by the Canadian National Railways in 1923.

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