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Future Welcome, ed. by Todd Swift

The Moosehead Anthology 10

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The Moosehead Anthology 10: Future Welcome

Future Welcome: The Moosehead Anthology X. I like anniversaries.... Immediately I thought of fifty years before: 1955, the last year as mindblowing and strange. This, in turn, led me to play with the experiment idea, the X-Files aspect: I wanted poems and prose both of our moment, and yet imbued with the same sense of retro-kitsch that popularly defines the 50s–works about the future, robots, space travel, technology, and sci-fi terror. I wanted freshness in terms of subject matter and expression, disregard for diction and social mores, a fascination with the new, the weird, and the innovative, just for the hell of it–the best writers, Canadian and otherwise, intent on capturing the imagination, unconcerned by conventional literary success, making a difference. Future Welcome is, in a nutshell, “ultra-new writing for the 21st century!” with all the queer, geeky, subversive brio such a movie-poster phrase, retrofitted for our purposes, suggests.

—Todd Swift, from the Introduction


Future Welcome includes daring and often thrilling new writing from some of the 21st century’s best prose and poetry writers, such as: David Wevill, Sina Queyras, Raymond Hsu, Robert Minhinnick, Annie Freud, bill bissett, Patrick Chapman, Meredith Quartermain, Jason Camlot, Liane Strauss, Todd Colby, Jennifer K. Dick, John Hartley Williams, Louise Bak, Hal Sirowitz, Adeena Karasick, Mike Marqusee, Kavita Joshi, Stan Rogal, Tammy Armstrong, Richard Peabody, Jenna Butler, Ali Riley, Jon Paul Fiorentino, David Prater, J. R. Carpenter, David McGimpsey–plus many more.

Editor Todd Swift

Todd Swift Editor

Editor Biography

Todd Swift is a poet, anthologist, university lecturer, and cultural activist. He has published three collections of poetry, most recently Rue du Regard (DC Books, 2004, p. 10) and edited a special section for the 2005 issue of New American Writing, “The New Canadian Poetry.”

The Moosehead Anthology X, ed. Todd Swift, 205 pp., 5.5 x .5, Anthology, December 2005

ISBN: 978-1-897190-06-7 (paper). . .$18.95

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