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Short Stories by Eva Moran

Porny Stories

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Porny Stories

Have you ever wondered what Woody Allen would be like if he were a woman stoked on chick-lit who lived in Toronto? Eva Moran has. Porny Stories is a collection of fiction that examines the neurotic, desperate, and impotent lady-world of Toronto, and shows a lot of leg while doing it. Bad boyfriends, jobs, and decisions plague the main character of each story in this titillating diary of explicitly dirty laundry. The status quo eludes the main characters. Lover after lost lover, one missed opportunity for a better life after the next, the characters can never seem to get it right but they keep trying in all the wrong ways. Basically, this is a book about badly needing to get a new life and desperately wanting to get laid and each character will die trying… or, well, not die… but will conjure many drunken shenanigans trying. The seemingly autobiographical approach of the pieces makes it feel like you are kneeling at a keyhole peering into a room full of bawdy comedy – tantalizing!


Author Eva Moran

Eva Moran Author

Photo by John Paul Kragg

Author Biography

Eva Moran has her MA in English Literature form Concordia University. She is the author of two plays (My Hand Her Story and Buried) and her short fiction and non-fiction has been published in Matrix Magazine, The World of Chinese and Moosehead Anthology #9. Eva works and lives in Toronto.

Porny Stories, Eva Moran, 192 pp., 5.5 x 8.5, Short Stories, November, 2008

ISBN: 978-1-897190-44-9 (paper) . . . $18.95

ISBN: 978-1-897190-45-6 (Bound*) . . . $32.95

* This book is “perfect bound” with an add-on hand bound cover, no dust jacket.

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