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Poetry by Robert Allen

Ricky Ricardo Suites

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Ricky Ricardo Suites

In his first book since the novel Napoleon’s Retreat, and his first collection of poems in almost a decade, Robert Allen dazzles with his astonishingly diverse work. Among other things, Ricky Ricardo Suites contains 46 new sections of the long poem ‘The Encantadas,’ which Phil Hall called “...a wondrous poem: dense, lush, hypnotic.”

Critical Comment

“In his first poetry collection since Magellan’s Clouds, New and Selected Poems (1990, Vehicule Press, Signal Editions), Allen writes clear and provocative poems on a range of subjects, casually observing Errol Flynn’s cock, getting cable, conversations of what Al Purdy could get away with, Ricky Ricardo, and on the birth of western music.”

— The Antigonish Review, 2002

Author Robert Allen

Robert Allen Author

Author Biography

British born and raised in England, Canada, and the United States, Robert Allen is the author of a number of books of poetry and fiction, including Magellan's Clouds, The Indigo Hotel, Wintergarden, The Hawryliw Process, Blues & Ballads, A June Night in the Late Cenozoic, and Napoleon's Retreat.

Robert Allen was the editor of Matrix and for many years served as the director of the Concordia creative writing program.

Ricky Ricardo Suites, Robert Allen , 85 pp., 6 x 8.5, Poetry, November, 2000

ISBN: 978-0-919688-74-2 (paper) . . . $16.95

ISBN: 978-0-919688-76-6 (Bound) . . . $31.95

* This book is “perfect bound” with an add-on hand bound cover, no dust jacket.

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Also by the Author

Napoleon's Retreat, 312 pp., 5 3/8 x 8, December 1997, Novel — ISBN: 0-919688-35-7 (paper) ...$19.95

The Moosehead Anthology VI, ed. R.E.N. Allen & Grant Loewen, 74 pp., 6 x 9, January 1997, Fiction — ISBN: 0-919688-37-3 (paper) ... $13.95

The Moosehead Anthology VIII: The Matrix Interviews, ed. R.E.N. Allen & Angela Carr, 186 pp., 6 x 9, July 2001, Anthology — ISBN: 0-919688-86-1 (paper) ... $14.95

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