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Sudden Fictions ed. by R.E.N. Allen & Grant Loewen

The Moosehead Anthology 6

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The Moosehead Anthology 6: Sudden Fictions

Time grows short. Mass media toil at the surface of their artificial screens to peddle us the quickest clips with the most edits. We too feel a deep urgency but find neither consolation nor nourishment in that flickering gibberish. In the grand race for closure (and for new beginnings), our feverish attentions find appetite and time only for the most abridged but telling tales. We seek latter-day songs that savvy our condition: prose poems, sudden fictions, short shorts, flash fiction by the likes of...



Robert Allen, Bert Almon, Krestin Andrychuk, Jessica Argyle, Byrna Barclay, Maxianne Berger, Roo Borson, Per Brask, Andy Brown, Mary Di Michele, Lydia Eugene, M.A.C. Ferrant, Golda Fried, Daegan Fryklind, Gary Geddes, P.J. Holdstock, Dean Irvine, Liane Keightley, Catherine Kidd, Lazer Lederhendler, Robert Majzels, Kim Maltman, Amanda Marchand, Taien Ng-Chan, Ken Norris, Heather O'Neill, Gerry Shikitani, J.J. Steinfeld, Anne Stone, Todd Swift, Diana Tegenkamp.

The Moosehead Anthology VI: Sudden Fictions, ed. Robert Allen & Grant Loewen, 74 pp., 6x 9, Fiction, Second Edition, January 2006

ISBN: 978-0-919688-37-7 (paper). . .$16.95

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