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Drama by Don Druick

Tulip and Other Plays

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Tulip & Other Plays

These plays cluster about the themes of the fragility of love and the ephemerality of life. TULIP (2006). Commissioned and developed by Nightswimming Theatre. Set in the madness of 17th Century Holland during the spectacular and frighteningly strange Dutch obsession with tulip bulbs, TULIP is a wild play about greed, beauty, deceit, and botany. The bubble bursts; within days, many are ruined. Starvation and poverty ensue. Adrift in a sea of menacing shadows, the characters of TULIP must now desperately try to reconstruct their shattered lives with only the broken mirror of their hopes and dreams to guide them.

WILDEST DREAMS (2013). Developed by Nightswimming Theatre & Playwrights WorkshopMontréal. Poor old Jack. It just keeps going bad. Is that any way to have a life, thinks he? Would it rain?, he wondered, gazing fearfully into the dark grey sky. It smelt like rain. A conspiracy of nature? It's no good - Audrey’s screwing around. And nobody cares. And nothing makes any sense. WILDEST DREAMS is the story of middle-aged love, or love past middle-age, or the failure of this love.

ALL THINGS AT ONCE (2019). Developed by Playwrights Workshop Montréal. A contemporary lamination, an elegy for the authenticity of experience, and for re-claiming one’s own life. Which, after all, is the same as love. ALL THINGS AT ONCE features a giant Gulliver, dancing cows, ferocious boundaries, counterfactual history, and shocking deaths. The protagonist, the poet Byron - his delusion (not always charming but somehow courageously engaging) - drives him to seek out a frighteningly desperate truth to the raw reality of his life. A life where love and loss predominate in the landscape.


Critical Comment

"I am so pleased to see these scripts in print, and urge all who read them to read them out loud, and convince others to do so with them. And here’s why: among the many things I’ve learned from working with Don on these plays, and his other wonderful works, is that they are fascinating on the page but truly come alive, as the best theatre should and must, when spoken aloud."

–Brian Quirt

Author Don Druick

Druick Head


Author Biography

Don Druick is a distinguished playwright and translator, a baroque flutist, and an avid bread baker.  In a career spanning more than 50 years, his plays have been produced on stage, radio and television in Canada, Europe, Japan, and the USA.  Don Druick’s previous works include the award-winning plays, WHERE IS KABUKI?, and THROUGH THE EYES, and the hit CBC radio series, RECIPE FOR MURDER.  Don lives in Elmira, a small Mennonite farming town near Waterloo Ontario, with artist Jane Buyers.  He is currently working on a variety of writing projects, including a translation of the poetry of Arthur Rimbaud.

49th Shelf

Tulip & Other Plays, Don Druick, 350 pp., 5 x 8, Drama, March 2021 -- ISBN: 978-1-927599-54-9 (paper) . . . $21.95

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